Welcome to Mrs. Cordeiro's Course Web Page.  On this site, you will have access to many materials and resources while you are in enrolled in this course.  In order to begin, all you need to do is click on your course code link located above. 

Although course materials are available on the this site they do not account for the corresponding in-class lessons that relate with those materials.  The purpose and function of this website is to allow you to have access to notes and resources online to alleviate any excessive note-taking and wasteful photocopying that occurs throughout the semester.  Furthermore, access to this kind of technology is meant to mimic the  format that post-secondary institutions are currently using and continue to progress as time goes on.  Hybrid as well as online courses have grown in popularity and are widely used in College and University institutions both within and outside of Ontario. 

If you are absent, it would be prudent to see if anything on the website has been updated to aid you in maintaining a good pace with the course.  As well, I generally try to post my lesson plans and materials online if I am away for any reason, in order to aid you in accessing the materials you need for the following day.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to speak to me in class.  

Good Luck!

Mrs. C